Lateral supra-cerebellar infra-tentorial approach for P2-P3 junction cerebral aneurysms

Acta Neurochirurgica (2020) 162:2767–2772

P2-P3 junction aneurysms are challenging to treat surgically because of their frequent complex morphology and their location deep in close proximity to the midbrain. The sub-temporal route requires significant retraction of the temporal lobe in addition to potential injury to the vein of Labbe.

We describe the technique for treating such aneurysms via a lateral supra-cerebellar infratentorial (LSCIT) approach, which eliminates manipulation of the temporal lobe.

Method Cadaveric dissection provided comprehensive understanding of relevant anatomy. Intraoperative video shows clipping of the aneurysm using a LSCIT approach.

Conclusion LSCIT approach allows safe clipping of P2-P3 aneurysms with minimal brain manipulation.