3D ultrasound–guided resection of low-grade gliomas: principles and clinical examples

Neurosurg Focus 47 (6):E9, 2019

3D ultrasound (US) is a convenient tool for guiding the resection of low-grade gliomas, seemingly without deterioration in patients’ quality of life.

This article offers an update of the intraoperative workflow and the general principles behind the 3D US acquisition of high-quality images.

The authors also provide case examples illustrating the technique in two small mesial temporal lobe lesions and in one insular glioma. Due to the ease of acquiring new images for navigation, the operations can be guided by updated image volumes throughout the entire course of surgery.

The high accuracy offered by 3D US systems, based on nearly realtime images, allows for precise and safe resections. This is especially useful when an operation is performed through very narrow transcortical corridors.

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