Surgical clipping of vertebrobasilar junction aneurysms through a far-lateral transcondylar approach

Acta Neurochirurgica (2018) 160:1149–1153

Vertebrobasilar junction aneurysms occur rarely, but have a higher rupture rate than supratentoral aneurysms, and higher morbidity and mortality. Their location ventral to the neuroaxis makes them a challenging surgical lesion.

Methods In this paper, we share our experience with the surgical technique for the management of these complex aneurysms.

Conclusion An in-depth understanding of the anatomy of these aneurysms, careful preoperative planning, and a meticulous surgical technique, including knowledge of every detail of the procedure—positioning, an advanced skull base technique, and careful aneurysm dissection and clipping—is essential for a successful outcome of the surgery.