Subperiosteal versus subdural drainage after burr hole evacuation of chronic subdural hematoma: systematic review and meta-analysis

Acta Neurochirurgica (2020) 162:489–498

The evidence for subperiosteal drainage (SPD) versus subdural drainage (SDD) in chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) remains controversial, and most surgeons prefer to use SDD over SPD.We aimto assess the latest evidence on the use of SPD compared to SDD in patients with CSDH undergoing burr hole evacuation.

Methods We performed a systematic literature search on topics that assesses the use of SPD compared to SDD in patients with CSDH up until November 2019 from PubMed, EuropePMC, Cochrane Central Database, ScienceDirect, ProQuest, and The primary outcome was recurrent CSDH, and the secondary outcomes were mortality, surgical morbidities, and modified Rankin Score (mRS).

Results There were a total of 3241 subjects from 10 studies. SPD was shown to reduce recurrent CSDH (OR 0.66 [0.52, 0.84], p < 0.001; I2: 17%, p = 0.30) compared to SDD. Recurrent CSDH was lower in SPD group in subgroup analysis at 3-months (OR 0.63 [0.49, 0.81]; I2: 68%, p = 0.04) and 6-months (OR 0.66 [0.51, 0.85], p = 0.001; I2: 77%, p = 0.01) follow-up. However, there was no difference in CSDH recurrence upon subgroup analysis of RCTs. Similar mortality was demonstrated between SPD and SDD group (p = 0.13). The occurrence of parenchymal injury/new neurological deficit was significantly lower in SPD group (OR 0.26 [0.14, 0.51], p < 0.001; I2: 49%, p = 0.08). The rate of seizure, (p = 0.57), postoperative bleeding (p = 0.29), and infection (p = 0.25) were shown to be similar in both SPD and SDD group. Overall, the rate of surgical morbidity was significantly lower in SPD group (OR 0.61 [0.44, 0.85], p = 0.003; I2: 16%, p = 0.25). mRS at the end of follow-up was similar in SPD and SDD group (p = 0.12).

Conclusion SPD was associated with less CSDH recurrence, but similar rate of mortality, seizures, postoperative bleeding, and infections compared to SDD. The rate of parenchymal injury/new neurological deficit was lower in the SPD group.