Parietal trans‑sulcal para‑fascicular approach to lateral thalamic/internal capsule cavernous malformation

Acta Neurochirurgica (2021) 163:2497–2501

The surgical management of deep brain lesions is challenging, with significant morbidity. Advances in surgical technology have presented the opportunity to tackle these lesions.

Methods We performed a complete resection of a thalamic/internal capsule CM using a tubular retractor system via a parietal trans-sulcal para-fascicular (PTPF) approach without collateral injury to the nearby white matter tracts.

Conclusion PTPF approach to lateral thalamic/internal capsule lesions can be safely performed without injury to eloquent white matter fibres. The paucity of major vessels along this trajectory and the preservation of lateral ventricle integrity make this approach a feasible alternative to traditional approaches.