Anterior trans-frontal endoscopic management of colloid cyst

Endoscopic trans-frontal approach colloid cysts

Neurosurg Rev (2014) 37:235–241

Different management options are available for the treatment of colloid cysts. Goals of those procedures are to achieve a complete resection avoiding potential long-term recurrence along with CSF pathways restoration with minimal morbidity and mortality.

The two main surgical options are endoscopic resection or direct removal by either transfrontal or transcallosal approach. The efficacy of endoscopic technique to achieve gross total colloid cyst excision has been well documented.

In the present study, authors describe a series of 29 patients who underwent surgery by a variation of the standard worldwide implemented endoscopic technique. Using a more anterior approach, it is easier to reach the roof of the cyst, its possible adherences with the tela choroidea, plexus, and the internal cerebral veins. The described approach has shown to be safe, quick, and very effective with a total cyst removal rate of 86.2 %.