Retrogasserian trigeminal radiofrequency‑thermorhizotmoy for trigeminal neuralgia

Acta Neurochirurgica (2024) 166:209

Based on a personal experience of 4200 surgeries, radiofrequency thermocoagulation is useful lesional treatment for those trigeminal neuralgias (TNs) not amenable to microvascular decompression (idiopathic or secondary TNs).

Introduced through the foramen ovale, behind the trigemnial ganglion in the triangular plexus, the needle is navigated by radiology and neurophysiological testing to target the retrogasserian fibers corresponding to the trigger zone.

Heating to 55–75 °C can achieve hypoesthesia without anaesthesia dolorosa if properly controlled.

Depth of anaesthesia varies dynamically sedation for cannulation and lesioning, and awareness during neurophysiologic navigation.

Proper technique ensures long-lasting results in more than 75% of patients.